About us

Every brand offers its own culture, and this is what we offer you...

The Future of Business Messaging.

APITxT is a next - generation communications platform that provides Text SMS, Voice SMS and Email service. By unlocking the power of intelligent connectivity, we’re laying the foundation for a future of endless innovation and interconnected technology, where communication flows seamlessly between people, devices and applications across the globe.

What makes us different

Security through a global backbone

APITxT is uniquely positioned with the telecom operator as a licensed carrier. We control the network end rather than relying on intermediaries to provide core communication functionality, routing, and numbers.

Thinking like a customer

We try to get into your shoes to understand your communication issues and then, solve it with your problem-solving vision.


Our quest for sustainability has to transform the way we think about products, technologies, processes and business models.

Easy to use

Sending SMS has historically been a manual process. But, through our portal and API, users can send SMS easily and with complete transparency.